Levira solar power plant at Uuemõisa telecommunications mast begins operations


The 30kW solar power plant constructed by AS Levira near the Uuemõisa telecommunications mast has begun generating electricity. In the future, the company plans to erect solar power plants at all of its 22 masts.

“The solar power plant will reduce the electricity costs of the Uuemõisa mast by a third, and the payback period for a plant constructed without subsidies is 7–8 years. The plant, opened in Uuemõisa, close to the city of Haapsalu in Estonia’s western part, is a pilot project, and as the next step, Levira plans to erect solar power plants at the Rakvere and Viljandi masts, and also at Koeru or Valgjärve next year, where there are larger masts,” said Chairman of the Board of AS Levira Tiit Tammiste.

Tammiste also highlighted the environmental aspect, as thanks to the use of solar power, nearly 30 tons of CO2 would not be emitted into the air in a year, and 43.5 tons of oil shale would be saved at the Uuemõisa mast.

Levira’s annual energy consumption is 11,500 MWh, making it one of the largest energy consumers in Estonia after industrial enterprises.

All Levira masts are equipped with UPS backup power supply systems and all major masts have diesel generators, which allows them to keep 90 percent of Estonia’s TV and radio broadcasting in operation during a blackout. “Solar power helps increase the operational security of the masts. It is especially important in emergency situations, like natural disasters, where the FM radio may be the only channel for forwarding operative messages to the population. Levira has created conditions for the uninterrupted working of its masts under all circumstances,” Tammiste added.

The annual power production of the new solar power plant installed by Taastuvenergia OÜ will be around 29 MWh. The generated power will be used for maintenance of the mast, and it will also be possible to sell electricity to the customers using the services of the mast.

Levira’s telecommunications masts are the tallest in Estonia (up to 349 m) and have the best power connections. In total, Levira has 22 masts covering the whole of Estonia. The masts are used by all Estonian telecommunications companies, TV channels broadcast in Estonia, and most Estonian radio stations, as well as security companies and various state and research institutions.


Levira is a digital services provider and technology partner to companies whose business depends on technologies and who wish to involve a professional service provider that can offer the necessary solutions. Levira produces TV content, helps media services providers design TV channels, and ensures that programs are on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Levira is the main TV and radio network operator in Estonia, and owns one of the largest data centers in Estonia.

Levira’s customers are international and regional IT companies and media service providers.

Levira’s shareholders are the Republic of Estonia (51%) and the French telecom and broadcasting company TDF Group (49%).