Partnership between Sigfox operator Connected Baltics and Levira accelerates IoT services reach in Estonia


Connected Baltics OÜ and Levira can now enable hundreds of thousands of smart devices across Estonia to connect directly using Sigfox LPWAN technology, which provides the most energy and cost efficient IoT connectivity solution to the market.

Connected Baltics, the exclusive Sigfox operator of the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), and Levira, the leading digital services provider from Estonia, entered the IoT partnership to offer Sigfox’s low-powered connectivity into the Levira’s IoT offerings and solutions.

The partnership is set to help Levira and its customers benefit from Sigfox widest coverage, easy plug-and-play functionality, highly secure, and low subscription fees when deploying in Estonia and in more than 40 countries with millions of IoT devices to date.

Sigfox is designed to enable millions of smart devices to connect directly using Sigfox technology providing the most energy and cost-efficient connectivity solution to the market. Using low data exchanges the battery life for connected devices can last years to decades, all this done at very ultra-low cost, with seamless connectivity and advanced cloud integration with high security.

“Sigfox’s connectivity solution helps Levira to provide tailor-made IoT solutions in the network that is gradually developed in cooperation with IoT clients, to match their needs. Sigfox’s global IoT ecosystem is a great complement to our IoT connectivity technologies and our IoT strategy”, said Meelis Anton, Head of Levira’s Network Services.

“We are pleased to launch this partnership with Levira. For us, it’s a perfect match considering that Levira also runs operations of data centers with the highest security and reliability standards, and together with our secure Sigfox technology we will be delivering together high-quality and secure IoT solutions for the Estonian market” said Kushtrim Xhakli, CEO and Founder of Connected Baltics.

Using Sigfox connectivity Levira is committed to accelerating the development of IoT solutions in Estonia, by making it easy for end customers to deploy and scale IoT projects.

About Connected Baltics

As a Sigfox Network Operator, Connected Baltics is the first nationwide IoT network operator in Estonia, deploying and selling Sigfox’s low power wide area (LPWA) IoT connectivity solution and enabling millions of connected devices to send small messages in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

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About Levira

Levira is a provider of cloud, media, and broadcast transmission services. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, it operates one of the largest data centers in the Baltics, which complies with the highest security and reliability standards. Levira offers mission-critical infrastructure services that require the highest level of service and security.