Empower and engage your audience through participation

Votemo is a tool for broadcasters to build a hub for real time audience interaction on TV. While Votemo’s interaction modules help broadcasters to make the viewing experience more engaging, using Votemo also helps in increasing ad revenues through extra advertising real estate which builds a bridge from TV ads to Digital and allows you to better showcase and highlight your sponsors.

Have your audience expressing emotions and sending hearts or digital applauds on the screen. Let your audience feel more involved by giving them an opportunity to comment on topics or contribute their ideas and questions using the commenting module. Use polls to reveal audience expectations or perspective on the discussed topic and run paid or free voting during talent shows.

The service includes:

  • Access to Admin platform for setting up interactions and monitoring the participation
  • The widget code for placing the interactions in a widget on your own website
  • An API for integrating with the graphic engine to receive participation data
  • Graphics control module for CasparCG

Other services:

  • Screen graphics design and integration to graphics engine
  • API and graphics engine integration with studio
  • Interaction design and project management
  • Graphics engine operation and moderation