Radio broadcasting (FM, web)

Radio broadcasting (FM, web)

The inhabitants of Estonia listen to the radio for an average of more than 3 hours a day. (Source: EMOR

Estonian FM radio programs reach listeners through the Levira network infrastructure that fully covers the territory of Estonia.

We are the largest broadcaster of radio programs in Estonia and the majority of Estonian radio stations are our partners. We offer full FM radio broadcasting to all radio stations having the appropriate broadcast licences. Our services include a complete solution from transporting of the broadcast signals from the customers studio to the Levira-operated broadcasting stations countrywide.

We broadcast nationwide radio broadcasts of the Estonian Public Broadcasting:

We offer a full service to the following radio stations:

Levira’s partners are:

In addition to FM radio broadcasting, Levira offers webcasting services for listening to the radio programs over the Internet. There is no need for broadcasting licenses to run a web radio station.

The short-term FM radio service provided by us allows to launch a stationary or portable radio station locally according to the customer’s operational needs.


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