Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Levira’s Internet of Things (IoT) services use the latest sensor, network and software technologies to gather, transmit and create actionable insights from the physical world around us.

Our carrier grade low power radio network (LPWAN), built on the LoRaWAN technology, provides a cost-efficient way to connect power-challenged sensors and devices.

Leveraging a variety of wireless technologies, we can accommodate deep indoor and outdoor use cases, enabling the cost-effective solutions suitable for a wide range of enterprise applications. In addition to LoRaWAN, we partner with other technology providers, like Sigfox and mobile connectivity providers, to choose the right solution and technology for the specific task at hand.

Our team of seasoned professionals can consult customers in all aspects of the IoT solutions starting from the requirement analysis and business process development to the solution architecture and integration, from choosing and providing the required technical equipment and most suitable machine-to-machine communication. Using the capabilities of our partners in IT system development, integration and big data analytics, Levira is a true one-stop shop to help our customers gain the biggest benefits from the IoT projects.

Services for electricity, water, gas and central heating service providers.

Levira offers a full service for smart metering needs: from smart meters to billing information. In addition to providing metering data in near real-time, the offered solution meets future environmental standards today to improve revenue, network management and leak/losses detection.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is one of the leading use cases for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 initiative. Predictive maintenance solutions are based on the combination of traditional condition monitoring supplemented with analytics, thus enabling the prediction of machine failures before they occur. IoT and advances in analytics are driving market adoption, reporting 25–30% efficiency gains through proactive actions.
The market for the predictive maintenance applications is one of the fastest growing in the IoT domain and we can help make these efficiencies in predictive maintenance a reality.

Real estate services

The value of commercial real estate has been usually seen in location. Soon much of it will be in information and how real estate companies can use that information to build relationships with customers and strengthen tenant loyalty. So, it is a much wider approach than getting regular information of utility meters, waste bins and building automation systems like heating, ventilation and conditioning (HVAC) or security.

Remote management and control

Provide equipment for facility owners with near-real-time access and visibility into operating conditions, so they can detect problems before traveling to locations to improve field service and customer satisfaction. Collect data, detect changes and automatically trigger alerts or actions, such as remote diagnostics, distant switchovers or maintenance requests.

Positioning services

“Anything that can be connected, will be connected” ( is not only the principle which determines the Internet of Things but also part of our philosophy. Take advantages of the GPS and indoor positioning combinations, supplemented with modern low-power communication technologies, allowing tiny terminals to last for years unattended in hardly accessible locations.

Access control services

Total situation awareness = complete peace of mind. Access control services ensure complex safety and security needs of facilities from typical office buildings to critical infrastructure, including remote management of access rights in near real-time.

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Levira is offering multiple LPWAN (low power wide area) radio access technologies integrated to our universal IoT platform for secure data collecting and real-time management. Data is made available according to customer preferences either through a highly customizable web-based user interface or using standard formats and APIs.

We offer a full-service solution to meet specific customer needs. The required technologies will be transparent for end-users with all the required information being available through the user interfaces.

When providing specific solutions for device connectivity alone, we offer a suitable connectivity solution using one of the technologies from our portfolio:

  • LoRaWAN – Low Power Wide Area Radio Network, operated and expanded where needed.
  • Sigfox – Low Power Wide Area Radio Network. Operated by Sigfox, Levira is a channel partner to provide cross-border connectivity to customers.
  • Mobile access – data access using 2G, 3G, LTE mobile networks of any local network operator.


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