Digital asset management

Since 2017 we are using the MAM content management platform, which allows for bigger automation of workflows and lower resource costs. The platform allows companies working with video, audio and document files to manage content and conduct much more detailed searches. Our asset management, orchestration and automation platform is easily affordable and scalable, offering a wide range of additional features.

Modular architecture
The platform’s modular architecture and integrated additional tools allow for transparent and cost-efficient management of content and related metadata. It can be deployed fully on site, fully in public cloud environments, or as a mixture of both. Web interfaces provide for the deployment of new applications without disrupting the functioning of the existing solution.

Functional with every file format
Levira’s MAM is file and codec agnostic, understanding everything from simple image, audio and video formats to complex reference files (OPAtom, DCP, DPX, image sequences) and ancillary files (subtitles, PDFs, ISOs, etc.).

Additional options
– Speech to text
– Language and image recognition
– Transcoding
– Web crawling
– Picture and video attributes recognition
– Social media content recognition
– etc.

Pricing is based on a per-seat basis and depends on the number of users and the modules selected for deployment. It is also possible to purchase the platform on a capex, i.e. for a single fee.


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Indrek Lepp

Head of Media Services