Levira runs one of the largest independent play-out centres in Northern Europe. We have experienced and trained staff, and state-of-the-art technical capabilities to offer any kind of TV play-out and media management from basic simple SD service to a complex HD service with live programming, dynamic graphics, translation and many other features that today’s end-users may require. We apply high quality standards and respond to situations quickly and flexibly.

Opt-out services
Opt-out (content/ad-insertion) services allow broadcasters to launch local versions of their international or regional feeds, either by adding local promos and commercials or even changing a part of the channel’s content in order to meet the viewers’ expectations on a certain market. The service follows triggers (cue-tones) from the original feed or schedules of the original channel and switches to local content when instructed. In the absence of triggers, the same can be done on the basis of play-out. A combination of full play-out and opt-out service can be tailored on request.

Play-out services
– Incoming content management
– Capturing content from file, tape or live feed
– Basic non-linear editing and repurposing
– Automated and visual quality control
– Content archiving
– Scheduling
– TV play-out in HD or SD or HD&SD
– Opt-out (ad insertion)
– Automatically created on-screen menus
– On-screen graphics, texts, banners, etc.
– Automated live insertion from XML/RSS/SMS feeds
– Live broadcasts insertion
– Numerous audio tracks, Dolby surround
– Open, teletext, DVB and/or OP47 subtitles in different languages
– 24/7 control and monitoring
– Compliance recording
– Transcoding, NLE, VoD encoding
– Streaming to web, mobile or OTT platforms

All outgoing signals can be encoded into various formats and delivered to destination TV-platforms, teleports or other hand-over locations all over Europe and beyond.

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Indrek Lepp

Head of Media Services