Playout and Distribution

Levira is a one-stop shop for all media asset management, channel play-out and distribution needs. We take care of the whole technical back-office for broadcasting companies, content owners, TV channels, OTT platforms, digital content managers and media houses. Our aim is to ensure speed, efficiency, high quality and security throughout the process of media management, and we have been providing all this for more than ten years.

Levira MAM (Media Asset Managment)

We are using a novel media asset management, orchestration and automation platform, which allows us to offer a wide range of cost-efficient traditional media asset management services as well as advanced features, like speech-to-text, language and image detection, search engines, etc. We give a new breath to any client working with video, sound or photo.

For whom?

We offer media management asset services not only to TV broadcasting companies but to everyone who creates digital content, either in video, photo, text or audio format. Our client base is as varied as our range of services, including broadcasters as well as medical enterprises, musical groups and photo companies from all over the world.

Why Levira?

Levira has been developing digital media management services since 2007 when our play-out centre delivered the first digital TV channel. Today, Levira’s Media Delivery Network offers over 30 TV channels to viewers all over Europe. We are experienced in working in an international environment and our aim is to offer the highest standards in Service Level Agreements. Tell us what you need, and we will find the best solution!

Distribution and contribution

Our technical capabilities and expertise cover the entire range of TV playout and distribution services. We own one of the largest play-out centres in Northern Europe, located at Levira’s headquarters at Tallinn TV Tower. The centre deploys a broad stream channel in box playout solutions. Additionally, we offer cloud and IT-based playouts.

Levira runs a fibre-optic distribution network, which is integrated into the Media Delivery Network to achieve higher cost-efficiency and faster deployment at new destinations and locations. We also apply Zixi-based IP-distribution solutions that are using the public Internet. See also Media Transport

VOD and OTT content

We manage the entire lifecycle of VOD and OTT content. Our playout platform, developed jointly with Swedish metadata expert June AB, allows for offering unrivalled metadata, transcoding, packaging and distribution service. Our competencies include professional technical support and expertise in content management, including workflows, packaging and delivery.


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Indrek Lepp

Head of Media Services