Media processing

We offer fast conversion of media files into other formats, insertion of text, subtitles and effects, and image and sound processing. Additionally, we offer quality control in line with international standards, archiving and many other services. Our services are often used for files in a catch-up environment or other non-linear platforms, such as Netflix, iTunes or HBO. We are experienced in working with virtually all file formats in the world.

Most popular services
– Video content digitisation, conversion
– File management in line with international standards
– Video processing and standardisation – removal on useless content, colour editing, sound standardisation and synchronisation, on-screen graphics, texts, subtitles, video effects
– Two-level archive for storing large media files

Our tools
Rhozet Carbon Coder, AmberFin iCR, Apple FinalCut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Smooth Streaming Exporter, HTTP Live Streaming Exporter, FAB Subtitler. We are also willing to use alternative software solutions, depending on client’s wishes.

We offer digitisation from the following formats: HDCAM, HDCAM SR, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, MPEG/IMX, DVCAM, DVD/BluRay.


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Indrek Lepp

Head of Media Services