TV-remote is a great tool to participate: Coop interactive direct mail offers had a huge activity rate in Estonian HybridTV


During this summer Levira and Coop Estonia launched unique project which allowed TV viewers to see the direct mail offers and participate in a consumer campaign directly with their TV remote, when leaving their contact number with the TV set.

The results of this new and measurable advertising format were bigger than our most optimistic expectations: every third of those who opened the Coop offers, left their mobile number with the remote directly on the screen!

„This extremely high (30%) interaction rate exceeds many times an average web campaign and shows clearly that TV-users are more than ready to use the remote not only for changing channels, but participating in various kind of events and call-to-actions. The figures are so good also because the quite long daily contact with TV and because the offers were conviniently visible from the same place,“ said the project lead, Estonian HbbTV content and product manager Andres Tarto.

„We see it as a promising feature and are very keen to innovate with interactive solutions also in a future“, said Meelis Anton, the head of Network division in Levira.

“Coop is constantly focused on innovation and looking for a new ways of better customer relationship; one of them is to seek for a new type of marketing solutions,” said Andres Lember, the Marketing Director of Coop Estonia.

Short overview of how direct mail offers were shown on the TV-screen: